Collaborative Negotiation
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Come to Terms

Negotiation is a practice of compromise, and happens at every level of an organization. Effective negotiation skills help strengthen relationships in the workplace by equipping employees with the tools to work together for everyone’s benefit.

About The Course

This course reviews various negotiation outcomes and empowers participants to use a negotiation approach that actually strengthens working relationships while moving projects forward. 

This course also highlights barriers to successful negotiating and offers guidance on how they can be effectively avoided.

Learning Objectives:

Review various negotiation outcomes
Explore the key forces in the negotiating process
Identify techniques for overcoming barriers to successful negotiation
Learn tips for setting the environment for a negotiation
Proven Results for Our Happy Clients

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The course helped us see the importance of protecting our relationships with others as we negotiate big and small things in our day to day work. Communication is king.

The instructor really encouraged participation from all participants. The content was relevant to day to day scenarios we commonly experience. The provided framework and worksheets are useful tools to help us with implementation.