How It Works

Working With Mind Reach

Our team will work with you step by step to deliver business training that leaves a lasting impact. We develop scenarios that are applicable to your team’s everyday work, and use them to teach real skills within a proven, engaging, active learning framework.

The Process

Our way of working has been refined over time to help each organization achieve real results. Explore an overview of our process below, and reach out any time to get a personalized quote.

The Process
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Step 1

Select Your Coursework

Book a discovery and tell us about your team’s development goals and choose a pre-designed course that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Step 2

Choose How You Learn

We offer flexible scheduling options that fit within your team’s calendars, your time zone needs, and your company’s location.

Step 3

Learn from Expert Trainers

Our experienced team of education professionals will maximize our time together to ensure your team members learn new skills and enhance the ones they already have.

Step 4

Review for Recall and Retention

Our team will deploy a post-class survey where participants can summarize their learnings and provide feedback for future training and its application within the workplace.

Step 5

Get Your Certifications

All courses provide 5 Professional Development Credit Hours, with participants earning an official certificate of completion.

Step 6

Schedule Your Next Training

Our courses are designed as a complete program, meaning team members can build and reinforce new skills on a regular basis for continuous learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum class size?

Are these courses customized to my team’s specific needs?

How do we ensure participants actually apply their learnings after the course is completed?

Do these communication and leadership skills only apply to work settings, or personal settings as well?

What is the benefit of experiencing this training as an in-house offering to our whole team?

Do you need to take the Mind Reach courses in a certain order? Is there one course you would recommend we take first?

What platform do you use for live virtual training?

Can we offer this training to our team members in other countries?

How far in advance do we need to notify you to schedule training?

Can we try a pilot offering prior to committing to training our entire team?