Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving
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Find Creative Solutions

The ability to think critically and use innovation to solve complex business problems is often what sets great team members apart. These crucial skills are an important tool to add to your team’s toolbox.

About The Course

This course focuses on processes that can help working professionals at all levels improve their ability to solve complex challenges. It shares approaches for correctly identifying challenges and introduces techniques for stimulating “out-of-the-box” solutions.

This course also provides participants with a framework for selecting the best course of action, and developing an implementation plan for best results. 

Learning Objectives:

Introduce the ABCD’s of problem solving
Identify and define a problem clearly
Practice ‘out of the box’ thinking
Use a framework to position your selected solution for success
Proven Results for Our Happy Clients

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving was a very interesting topic and questions thinking norms. It really helped me start to think differently about problems and their solutions. The course really helped me think about the “how” when analyzing a problem. I feel more confident now after taking this Mind Reach course.