Strategic Leadership
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Lead the Way

A great leader knows that an adaptive approach yields the best outcomes. By looking at every situation as its own unique opportunity, leaders can motivate their team, drive consistent success, and create lasting results.

About The Course

This course explores the importance of leaders adjusting how they lead to fit the situation at hand. It outlines a range of leadership approaches and helps participants identify and examine their most utilized personal styles. 

The course uncovers how using these techniques has a positive impact on active listening, goal setting, coaching, and performance evaluation.

Learning Objectives:

Explore leadership styles
Identify your typical leadership style
Understand how to best match your leadership style to any given scenario
Examine the impact strategic leadership techniques can have on active listening, goal setting, coaching, and performance evaluation
Proven Results for Our Happy Clients

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Our organization took the Strategic Leadership course. It was very informative, interactive and presented well by the instructor. I loved how real world examples were used and found the exercises to be quite helpful. This course taught my team and I a lot of lessons that we’ll use not only in our careers, but in our day-to-day lives as well.

Mind Reach taught my team and I how to adjust our leadership styles based on a person’s motivation and skill. The keys I learned in this course have helped me tremendously. The activities were very insightful. Looking forward to taking more Mind Reach courses in the future.

My team and I learned a lot during our course and the skills we picked up have been very useful. We all enjoyed how fun our instructor made it by using interactive elements. During this course I learned to avoid asking leading questions, set clear goals, observe performance and how to give feedback. My team and I are excited to learn more from Mind Reach.