Power of Persuasion
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Convince and Influence

In order to get your tasks and initiatives accomplished, you need buy-in, cooperation, and approvals from team members and other key stakeholders. This course examines a variety of persuasion techniques to help employees make a convincing case.

About The Course

This course explores the fundamental elements of persuasion and how to get stakeholders on your side. Participants will learn and practice proven persuasion techniques with a focus on verbal and written communications in professional situations.

These techniques are designed to be effective in one-on-one settings, small groups, and formal presentations, as well as written communications including reports, memos, emails, and more.

Learning Objectives:

Uncover the three fundamental elements of persuasion
Explore critical persuasion skills
Utilize powerful persuasion techniques to improve the effectiveness of verbal and written communications
Proven Results for Our Happy Clients

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I loved the presenter’s stories and enjoyed hearing other people’s experiences, especially as they vary by each person’s communication style. The case study scenarios used in training were spot on for our organization and industry.

Taking Mind Reach’s Power of Persuasion course was extremely rewarding for myself and my team. This course was jam packed with a lot of takeaways and skills I’ll now use in my day to day. I’ve learned to refocus when I get interrupted, time blocking and the best methods of communication. I strongly recommend this course and Mind Reach.

Lots of learning along with fun and practical case studies. The elements of persuasion will be very useful in helping us communicate with everyone we interface with.